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It all began in 1980. Well, technically, it all began on April 23, 1976. But for our purposes let’s just jump ahead to 1980. Actually, really we are jumping back – but whatever…

In 1980 JennChantal was four years old and at Disneyland for the first time of her young life. She and her family watched a rousing ice-skating performance starring Mickey and Minnie Mouse where the grand finale had Mickey present Minnie with a bouquet of flowers. And then it happened. Minnie walked over to JennChantal and gave her that very bouquet.

What was it that drew Minnie to JennChantal that fateful day at Disneyland? Perhaps it was the secondhand Minnie Mouse t-shirt (filled with holes) JennChantal so proudly wore. Or maybe Minnie felt sorry for the girl whose mother made her wear a bonnet into the park to make her look younger (kids 2 and under get in for free). However, it seems the obvious answer is that this theatrical display was a symbolic “passing of the torch” from one pop culture icon to the “next big thing.”

In fact, the next big thing was only a few short years off. Inspired by Cindy and Bobby Brady, JennChantal sought out a Guinness World’s Record at the tender age of seven. She went down in history for being a part of the “Biggest Tap Dance” where the largest number of dancers tapped to “Putting on the Ritz.” Unfortunately, her record was broken on May 24, 1998 by a bunch of tap dancing Germans.

Perhaps motivated by the German upset of her Guinness World Record title, in 1998 JennChantal went back to her roots and started dancing again. This time the Latin rhythms of Salsa called to her. And boy did she respond! Caution to the wind and hips a-swaying, JennChantal danced for major Hollywood A-listers including Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Patricia Arquette, Tracy Bingham, and Nancy Severensin (Doc’s daughter).

Other career highlights include being voted “Most Popular” by the 1988 6th grade class of Treeview Elementary and nominated “Most Talkative” by the 1994 Senior class of Moreau Catholic High School.

The multi-talented JennChantal made her musical debut in 1992 when she formed Hayward based Hip-Hop group, "The Rebellion." Using the hardcore moniker, "Thin Ice," she and her two homies “2-Hype” and “KRS-10” co-wrote the group’s first self-titled single, “The Rebellion.” But it was the success of their second single and subsequent music video that really put The Rebellion on the map. Indeed, the ever popular “What’s the Name of that Ho?” has inspired fans near and far to sing along to the hook while pumping their fists in the air Arsenio Hall style: “What’s the Name of that Ho? Sonia. Sonia (the ho). What’s the Name of that Ho? Lupe. Lupe (the ho).”

JennChantal has starred as Helen Keller, the blind, deaf, mute, in the La Vista Junior High rendition of “The Miracle Worker.” Audience members were moved by her solitary utterance: “wa wa.” Perhaps as a result of this stellar performance, JennChantal has been chosen not once, but TWICE, to take to the stage at Universal Studio’s Hollywood and reenact a scene from Back to the Future. Both times the audience was amazed at how JennChantal was able to truly become “Jennifer Parker” and scream as the DeLorean took off into the air. Most recently, JennChantal was the headliner for the Hollywood premier of “Mortified” and brought down the house with her moving, yet inadvertently hilarious, take on teenage substance abuse.

In 2004, JennChantal entered the exciting and fast-paced world of high-stakes gambling. Most successful poker players possess high level mathematical abilities, intuitive psychological skills, and discipline. Thus, it was an obvious transition for JennChantal to make. Not only did she get as far as Pre-Calculus in high school and often claims to “just know” when the phone’s about to ring, JennChantal is widely recognized as someone who will “stick with it.” As such, she quickly found herself in the higher echelon of the poker world, playing alongside legends such as Doyle Brunson, Jennifer Harman, Evelyn Ng, and Paul "Dot Com" Phillips. She is also co-founder of and Assistant Tournament Director for the 4th Street Poker Tour, a wildly successful poker club for some of Los Angeles’ biggest heavy-hitters. In this capacity she’s given the utmost respect by her fellow players and revered as “The First Lady.”

Of course, JennChantal’s brilliance is equally paralleled in the fast-paced world of business. Some may even call her a “business woman.” She has co-founded four incredibly successful companies – MOPOPA, Glitterati Girls, Hookin’ Up, and the 4th Street Poker Tour. is her first solo venture. She is determined to bring to this site the same passion, enthusiasm, and steadfast commitment that she has with her other undertakings.