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December 03, 2005



They may have walked out because the movie was so damn bad. There's nothing worse than realizing during the opening song that the movie just isn't going to work. What's worse was knowing that the story could have been quite moving had the acting not been so awful. Sigh, thankfully I only paid $6 to see it -- some sort of thanksgiving special.

Hayward City Council

We on the City Council of Hayward have convened an emergency meeting based on your website's perceived derogatory, slanderous comments about our fair City of Hayward - aka "The Heart of the Bay." After a closed-session, heated debate it is our pleasure to allow you to continue your Hayward musings uncensored.

It was brought to our attention you tout Haywardians as poor bargain shoppers and rent-dodgers, enraging many of our civic leaders. Near the end of building our case against you, however, it was brought to our attention your viewpoints actually envigorated our lapsed Ordinance 90-04. In which, we recognize our shortage of affordable housing has a detrimental effect on the health, safety, and welfare of a substantial number of Hayward residents. In short, we wish to thank you for pushing our City toward its vibrant future and look to you to lead the way down our yellow brick road of Mission Blvd.

We would offer you the Key to our City, but, you know, the Crips stole it from the Bloods.

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